Why choose Stratos?

At Stratos we understand your organisation's greatest assets walk in the door at the beginning of each day. Our aim is simple - to foster safe, healthy and productive workplaces.

Our programmes provide support when personal issues impact on employees’ effectiveness. They are tailored to meet the needs of our customers and are designed to deliver best practice approaches that make a difference.

Employers who use Stratos for their employee assistance programme know their staff:

  • Have access to a national network of counsellors of the highest quality.

Stratos counsellors have to meet strict criteria before they are interviewed. All counsellors in the network have been interviewed and reference checked before being accepted.

  • Can choose which counsellor they see

A distinctive feature of our approach is that employees are able to choose the counsellor they wish to see from a customer specific web site. Many employees really appreciate being able to select the counsellor themselves.  

  • Will be satisfied with the service

Over 10 years nearly 30% of employees who used the Stratos employee assistance programme completed an evaluation form. 96.9% said that they were satisfied with the service. Of these 83% were very or extremely satisfied.

Stratos customers appreciate:

  • the quality and professionalism of the counselling we offer
  • our willingness to listen to and then respond to their organisation’s needs
  • our professionalism and integrity when dealing with boundary issues or matters of anonymity and confidentiality
  • the frequency with which we will go the extra mile to ensure support for employees
  • their accessibility to our staff and their focus on customer service

Our Values:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

Where people and productivity are concerned, Stratos can help.