About us

Originally founded in 1991, Stratos was purchased in September 2016 by one of the world’s leading global providers Davidson Trahaire CorpsychOur customers include corporates, government departments, health boards, local government and the education sector.

Currently over 65,000 employees and their families have access to the Stratos Employee Assistance Programme

Stratos is led by Warwick Harvey who was Managing Director from May 2006 to August 2016. He is now Chief Executive Officer New Zealand.  Warwick has over 30 years’ experience in human resource management as both a consultant and HR Director and in governance roles for organisations that provide counselling services.  Warwick's leadership ensures that the whole Stratos team works to proven and well-established systems, which deliver positive results and offer invaluable advice and support.

Our highly skilled, accredited counsellors and consultants are located throughout  New Zealand and Australia.  Every Stratos accredited counsellor is carefully chosen according to stringent selection criteria. They are continually evaluated to ensure that they are meeting customer expectations.

We recognise the value of a committed, healthy and safe workforce. After all, they are a company’s greatest asset. That’s why we work closely with organisations to provide professional and comprehensive programmes and services to maximise employees’ performance and well-being.

We are committed to quality, professionalism and integrity in all aspects of our business, and to meeting the needs of both the organisation and its employees.