What employees say about the programme

Over the past ten years nearly 30% of the employees who have used the Stratos Employee Assistance Programme have completed an evaluation form.

The following table is taken from the summary of those evaluations.

 How satisfied were you with the service?
 Extremely Satisfied
 Very Satisfied 41.3%
 Satisfied 16.2%
 Not Satisfied 1.5%
 Very Unsatisfied 0.9%
 Did Not Answer 0.7%

These are comments from client feedback forms

“I would have resigned if it wasn’t for the counselling. I love my job, but wasn’t coping and have now been taught coping strategies. The counsellor was very knowledgeable about medication which helped me when talking to my GP.”

- Hutt Valley District Health Board employee

“I found the sessions very helpful to get another view outside of friends and family, and work mates, and get new ideas on how to deal with the problems that were going on at work. All is much better now, so thanks a lot for your help!”

- ACC employee

“The service provided has certainly helped to put my life into perspective and has assisted me through one of the toughest parts of my life.

Thanks a lot.”

- Carter Holt Harvey employee

“I think that if I had not gone to counselling I quite probably would have given up my job. I was also able to resolve personal issues I had had for some years.”

- New Plymouth District Council employee

“The counsellor was very helpful in offering useful suggestions and strategies to deal with stress at work and home, to allow me to refocus and apply myself better.”

- Westpac employee

“Counselling was of assistance to me and helped me work through my personal issues that impacted on work. It was also a great help with my children understanding their behaviours and allowing them to work out things which also reduced my worry about them. This allowed me to be more effective at work.”

- Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry employee

“I am really glad I made the move to talk to someone and the counsellor was a great match for me. Having the ability to choose your counsellor is really fantastic! Thanks.”

- Vodafone employee

“I sought EAP to help me to reduce errors in my work and home life. The counsellor came up with some very useful suggestions.”

- ACC employee