Employee Assistance Programme

The Stratos Employee Assistance Programme provides counsellors who help employees deal with a broad range of issues including personal relationships, grief (any loss or change), physical, emotional and psychological ill-health, the impact of legal problems, abuse and addiction, and any other personal difficulties which could or may impact on their ability to perform in the workplace.

We provide:

  • a national service which enables employees to select the counsellor they wish to use based on information provided;
  • a philosophy and systems which protect employee anonymity and confidentiality;
  • an unwavering commitment to deliver quality and culturally appropriate and sensitive counselling;
  • highest possible standards of counsellor selection;
  • effective, professional and customer focused relationship management;
  • customised reporting;
  • a proven implementation plan.

The principles under which Stratos operates are:

  • employees should be empowered to select the counsellor they feel is most appropriate for their requirements.* Stratos provides information on counsellors’ qualifications, skills and experience.
  • employees’ anonymity is protected unless they are formally referred to counselling and counselling is confidential unless the employee chooses to release information.
  • employee safety is paramount in the counselling process
  • all counsellors meet stringent selection requirements and have been personally assessed by Stratos before providing counselling to an employee of a Stratos customer
  • the effectiveness of counselling is evaluated by the counsellor and the employee receiving counselling.