Organisational Development

We tailor our programmes to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Stratos recognises no two organisations are the same. We tailor our programmes to ensure that they conform to best practice and meet our customers’ needs.

In addition to our main services:

we offer a range of tailor made programmes designed to help employees be more productive

Organisations are increasingly seeing the benefits of providing professional or clinical supervision for staff where reflection on professional practice is important.

Supervision enables them to have a formal opportunity to review their practices, discuss specific cases, seek professional guidance, explore professional development opportunities, and consider ways of reducing the stress of their role.

It enables staff to have a regular, structured, confidential and collaborative discussion with an external professionally trained supervisor.

Supervision is delivered on a contractual basis. Sessions are typically monthly but can be more or less frequent depending on the requirement.

Stratos provides a range of workshops and training sessions designed to help employees develop their resilience and cope with the pressures of the modern work environment. These are tailor made to meet organisational requirements but typically topics such as include stress management, work life balance, coping with difficult people, and improving communication skills.

Stratos provides a facilitated process to find ways of resolving conflict and building effective working relationships. This is not mediation or negotiation. It is a structured process involving both combined and individual meetings. It requires a commitment from the parties to work towards a solution. The process can be empowering for those involved in the conflict and can move people from entrenched positions. Outcomes are always documented so that management can monitor progress.

Sometimes an employer may have a concern about an employee’s psychological fitness for work or the impact of a perceived mental health issue on their performance. A clinical psychologist can provide a clinical assessment of an employee’s psychological fitness for work or an evaluation of mental health issues that might be impacting on their work. In addition to the assessment it may include suggestions on work place support or recommendations on treatment.

When an organisation is going through a major change such as restructuring, downsizing, or even facing closure, this can have a major impact on staff. While staff may have ongoing access to their Employee Assistance Programme, Stratos also provides support which might include:

  • being present at time of announcements
  • helping people cope with change
  • supporting managers during times of change
  • career planning and job search workshops