Health and Resilience Kit

Stress in organisations is a growing problem. It takes its toll on individual health and well-being, and on an organisation's results.

This web-based resource proactively builds work and life skills in employees.  Developed by Stratos, it is a self-help tool encouraging staff to take responsibility for their own well-being by participating in the problem-solving process.  It is self-paced, assesses the level of health and resilience and provides skills for the maintenance of good mental and physical health.

The benefits of this kit include:

  • early identification of issues for the employee
  • autonomous access by employees
  • resolution not escalation
  • employer is seen as proactive
  • seen as a good employer
  • prompt identification reduces the likelihood of longer term damage and associated difficulties for the employee
  • full integration with the Employee Assistance Programme for further proactive resolution

It is recommended that this be installed as part of the Employee Assistance Programme to enable employees to evaluate their health and resilience.  This may enable them to develop their own strategies without requiring counselling, or it may assist them to identify issues they wish to raise in counselling, thus shortening the time required to help them develop an action plan

There are five questionnaires which assess an individual’s level of health and resilience for:

  • work demands
  • non-work demands
  • overall health
  • personal and social coping capabilities
  • situation mastery

The kit includes a series of tip sheets to help staff develop their resilience and links to publications and useful web sites.