Our approach to employee assistance

From time to time all employees are faced with a range of issues that have a negative impact on their ability to function effectively at work or in their personal lives. These include problems with personal relationships, family issues, grief (any loss or change), physical, emotional and psychological ill-health, the impact of legal problems, abuse and addiction, personal stress, work overload, harassment, impact of change and vocational issues.

When an organisation sets up an Employee Assistance Programme Stratos works with them to agree the programme design and the provision of publicity materials and briefing sessions.

The Stratos Employee Assistance Programme enables employees to choose a counsellor from the network of approved counsellors. This can be done be accessing a customer specific web site which has profiles of the counsellors, or by ringing Stratos for assistance.

The employee rings the counsellor directly to make an appointment.

The employees’ anonymity is protected unless they are formally referred to counselling. Counselling is confidential unless the employee chooses to release information.

Employees are entitled to the number of counselling sessions which has been agreed in the design of their employer’s programme.

Stratos provides statistical reports to the customer. These reports do not identify any individuals but do provide an overview of the reasons employees are using the programme.

Employees are asked to complete an evaluation form to measure the effectiveness of counselling.

Stratos offers a 24 hour 7 day a week phone service for employees who need help.