Our services

We tailor our programmes to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Stratos recognises no two organisations are the same. We tailor our programmes to ensure that they conform with best practice and meet our customers’ needs.

Our services include:

A programme designed to assist your employees better manage their personal problems so they can perform to the level required for their role.

Assisting employers with their duty of care obligations regarding health and resilience of employees and meeting the requirements under the Health and Safety in Employment Act.

A best practice programme, developed by Stratos, which delivers the most effective and reliable strategies for managing critical incidents in the workplace. We provide counselling support and also offer an on-line resource kit for follow up to critical incidents.

A service that supports employees to develop appropriate strategies for managing difficult professional circumstances and clients.

Stratos provides a range of workshops and training sessions designed to help employees develop their resilience and cope with the pressures of the modern work environment. These are tailor made to meet organisational requirements but include stress management, work life balance, coping with difficult people, and improving communication skills.

Facilitating a process that enables employees to find a win-win outcome and work together in a professional manner while keeping management involved so that following the process there are documented achievements that can be monitored and managed internally.

Clinical psychologists can provide a clinical assessment of an employee’s psychological fitness for work.

Support to staff when their organisation is going through major change such as restructuring or downsizing. This can include helping them cope with change and providing career planning and job search skills.

A programme offering employees a chance to discuss incidents of harassment in a safe, offsite environment. Associated training assists organisations to commit to and provide a safe environment from all forms of harassment and be legally compliant.